Snabb is a networking software consulting company founded by me, Luke Gorrie.

Snabb uses open source technology to solve problems for network service providers.

Snabb Switch

Snabb Switch is an open source virtualized Ethernet networking stack.

I am developing Snabb Switch because of these important trends:

  • x86 has risen to be a powerful networking platform.

  • Virtualization and SDN are pulling more networking into servers.

  • User-space networking software is out-performing kernel-space software.

Snabb Switch makes it easy to create virtualized networking software for standard Linux/Xeon servers.

Software design consulting

I am happy to offer consulting to help you bring new networking software to the market successfully.

My speciality is bringing new products from an idea to successful deployment.

Want to hire me? Get in touch on and I will give you a call to talk about your project.

About me

I have been developing networking software for about 15 years. I have built products for Teclo Networks, Synapse Mobile Networks, Nortel Networks, Alteon WebSystems, and Ericsson.

These products are currently serving a few hundred million people in networks around the world.

You can learn more about me on my LinkedIn profile and personal homepage.

Snabb GmbH
c/o Alphavat
Chälengasse 30
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